OuiShare Fest 2017 in Paris Cities of the world UNITE

Ouishare Fest Paris 2017 CITIES OF THE WORLD, UNITE!
When:       5-7 of July 2017

OuiShare Fest Paris 2017 Smart City Impact City The Hague Pakhuis de Regah Pakhuis de Reiger Pakhuis de Zwijger in Den Haag
For its 5th edition,  OuiShare Fest Paris, 5-7 July, places cities at the center of attention.
Can cities be the basis of democratic renewal? Will they find ways to conquer a political weight proportional to their demographic and economic power? Can global networks of cities take over from an exhausted international system? As a Platform for the city/of the citizens of The Hague Pakhuis de Règâh can’t miss out on this opportunity. Pleas join us! Or follow us throught #OSFest17 

For this 5th edition, we invite cities and citizens with cutting-edge tools and radical solutions to join forces and build new alliances in order to achieve systemic change. Pakhuis de Règâh was invited to join. And so we will travel with a team of Smart Citizens to Paris.

OuiShare Fest is an invitation to step out of your comfort zone and connect with the people building the society of tomorrow. You’ll find a mix of entrepreneurial spirit and free minded people like nowhere else in the world, making it a great place for innovators of all kind.

We believe that new ways of thinking are needed to find solutions to the complex issues of our time. To create and foster a fertile ground for new ideas, we bring together entrepreneurs, innovative leaders and decision makers from a variety of countries and encourage them to confront their different perspectives through workshops and participative sessions.

OuiShare Fest is known for not only being a place of inspiration, but where valuable connections are made – for both your professional and personal life. The event is carefully designed to make connecting with others surprisingly effortless, whatever tribe they belong to.

Private dinners for deeper connections, live performances to spark conversations, music and dance to celebrate… OuiShare Fest does not only challenge attendees intellectually, but aims to invigorate their mind, body and soul.

The first OuiShare Fest was held in Paris in 2012. Since then, OuiShare has spread across Europe, North & Latin America and the Middle East. Since OuiShare Fest is open source, OuiShare communities around the world have created their own OuiShare Fests: Colaboramerica was first held in Rio in 2016, Barcelona has already held two OuiShare Fests and Montreal launched Eco2Fest in 2016.

For more info & tickets: http://paris.ouisharefest.com

Join us @ Border Sessions

Border Sessions 2017 28, 29, 30 Juni
28th, 29th & the 30th of June 2017
Nationale Theater aan het Spui + Filmhuis Den Haag

Border Sessions Smart City Impact City The Hague Pakhuis de Regah Pakhuis de Reiger Pakhuis de Zwijger in Den Haag

Border Sessions is a yearly technology conference and a year-round lab aimed to kick-start and fuel challenging ideas, experiments and endeavours with a strong focus on multidisciplinary projects. We unite creative and critical minds from around the globe who share the belief that technology should be a powerful instrument for positive change.

Every edition of Border Sessions you get to meet new partners and collect new experiences and ideas. We present and discuss our work, merge our networks, tinker with new instruments and materials, celebrate our successes and launch our next missions.

Leading up to the festival we are always interested to expand our community. Please feel free to share your ideas or feedback with us.

For details & tickets: www.bordersessions.org

Solar Sessions #2 24 november vanaf 17:00 uur

Solar Skelter Den Haag SolarSessions Pakhuis de Regah Pakhuis de Zwijger Den Haag Bazaar of Ideas Hoefkade 11 Den Haag Nino Vrijman Sander Westerduin Dylan Morris Edgar NeoDonderdag 24 november is de tweede sessie van het Solar Skelter project (check hier de facebook link). Solar Skelter is een project om een een duurzaam vervoermiddel te ontwikkelen voor vervoer in de binnenstad op basis van zonne-energie. Er is een eerste skelter die de basis is van dit project. Er wordt nu gewerkt aan een eerste echte prototype waarbij zoveel mogelijk samenwerking wordt gezocht met partijen uit de stad. .Op 28 oktober was de eerste sessie van SolarSkelter op ICX, SOLARSESSION#1. Met de aanwezige partijen, zoals Gemeente Den Haag, Duurzaam Den HaagUrbanFarmers Netherlands, TrashUre Hunt, Het Circus, lekkernassûh – lokaal voedsel Den Haag, facilitatoren, Kind Knowledge , Phonophilia en DJ Floormanager is gewerkt aan verdere ontwikkeling van de Solar Skelter. Iedere partij had haar eigen invalshoek en potentieel gebruik van de Skelter. De bijeenkomst heeft geleid tot een aantal mooie nieuwe inzichten, mogelijkheden en vooral ook nieuwe connecties tussen verschillende mensen.

Na de eerste sessie is het nu tijd voor een vervolg: SOLARSESSION#2 bij Pakhuis de Regah. Benieuwd naar hoe het er vorige sessie aan toe ging? Bekijk de video:

#SOLARSESSION #2 @ Pakhuis de Regah
Donderdag 24 November vanaf 17:00
(Bazaar of Ideas, Hoefkade 11, vlakbij HS).
Wij zorgen voor wat lekkere Soep & Broodjes en wat Smeersels;
als je zelf wat wilt toevoegen, is dat van harte welkom! 🙂
Weet je mensen die bij ons project betrokken moeten worden?

Nodig ze uit en/of stuur ze door!

Jij bent belangrijk voor ons project.
Samen bedenken, ontwikkelen en realiseren.
Namens Team Solar Skelter,

Sander Westerduin
Nino Nijman
Joel Mortimer
Twitter.com/SolarSkelterJoin us at: